Thursday, September 27, 2007

Indescribably Beautiful: Ogurusu Norihide- Humour (Study and I)

Collecting songs from two self-released CDs of home recordings, Humour (Study and I) displays the brilliance of using computer processing as a means, not an end, for production and musicianship. Ogurusu Norihide concentrates mostly on quiet guitar or piano ruminations and tampers with them only occasionally (and brilliantly). When the second track pauses after several minutes of guitar normalcy, the subsequent effects only heighten the mood. Norihide eventually invites some unidentified instruments into the game, but the air of forced minimalism remains throughout. Other pieces are reminiscent of Erik Satie or John Fahey with a primitive drum machine for accompaniment. The dark chords and isolationist feel of the sixth track make it a highlight.

sample tracks:


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dan said...

wow that's just great :)

ToruWatanabe said...

Thank you so much!*~
This is lovely*