Thursday, September 13, 2007

Little Known Classics: Pizzicato Five- Sister Freedom Tapes(1997)

From the first chords of this tiny gem from the Pizzicato Five, the group's distinctive sound pulls you into an alternative time line in which the Sixties never ended and Tokyo was the hippest city in the world.
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Riffing off 60s French Pop, Bossa Nova and Brill Building melodies mixed with the demented 90s dance rhythms of Deee-lite and Betty Boo.

Formed in 1985 Pizzicato Five were one of the originators of the 'Shibuya-Kei'
sound, a frothy, upbeat, 60s inspired dance music.

In 1990 the lovely Nomiya Maki joined as their permanent lead vocalist and P5 really took off.

Part Diva, part muse to songwriter/producer Konishi Yasuharu, Nomiya was the Cindy Sherman of J-pop with her many wigs and costume changes.

Matador records released a few compilations of their work in the west during the 90s but it's worth tracking down their Japanese releases, if only for the lovely packaging

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mocha23 said...

thanks for the five ! music that lets the summer continue. i had kinda forgotten about these guys, but glad you reminded me. (and thanks for the jim carroll too! )