Thursday, September 13, 2007

Little Known Classics: Jim Carroll- Catholic Boy(1979)

Jim Carroll delivers his finest work, out of three releases, here on Catholic Boy. Everything about this album is perfect: sharp songwriting, great lyrics, and playing that scorches. In a sense, Carroll has created an album that is direct, to the point and eloquently captures the lives of the downtown NYC outsider; it's an album that Patti Smith should have recorded but didn't. Catholic Boy somehow is not mentioned in the pantheon of punk classics (due to the fact it was released in 79-80 not 1977)but it is deserving a greater merit.
Get it here


bob said...

i have been looking for this for ever. thank you

spacecog said...

this one really is a classic. discovered it in high school, still find the words to "three sisters" popping up in my head from time to time.

she just wants to lay in bed all night, reading raymond chandler ...

I only have this on a scratchy old LP (and I've got no turntable), so thanks for posting it!